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BK056194 Is Samuel Beckett's "Waiting for Godot" an effective and successful translation of absurdist theory into theatrical practice?

BK056193 In order for a Shakespearean play to be successful - does it need to be adapted to suit a modern audience?

BK056191 To what extent and in what manner can drama therapy assist in improving behaviour and social interaction in autistic children?

BK056189 What can be revealed about Peter Shaffer's expectations of the set designer from a close examination of the plays of Amadeus and Equus?

BK056187 In what way have government censorship laws influenced the development of the Singapore theatre scene, with specific reference to the material chosen by the 'Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble'?

BK056185 How effective is drama therapy in the treatment of sexually abused children?

BK056184 How does Noh theatre reflect values within Japanese society?

BK056182 Could the dance of Alvin Ailey be considered theatre?

BK056181 'In what manner did the role of the fool in English theatre fulfil an important function in society and to what extent does the modern comedian continue to fulfil this role today?'

BK056180 Did North American musicals of the 1960s have an impact on the evolution of theatre and alther the course of theatrical expression in the latter years?

BK056179 How does drama therapy help people who are suffering from autism spectrum disorder improve their ability to express emotions?

BK056177 "Has Singapore lost its traditional forms of Chinese Theatre due to the influences of Western theatre?"

BK052360 In the light of the government's stated aims, why is there still little sign of a strong recognisably Singaporean theatre?

BK052330 'How has the holocaust been presented in theatre, and can theatre effectively capture the Holocaust experience?'

BK052317 "What unique aspects of theatre are compromised when a script is adapted for the screen?"

BK052035 What are the reasons for the sudden and unexpected decline of Venezuela's political theatre scene?

BK051832 "Do the theatrical processes and techniques used in drama therapy have therapeutic potential for individuals and groups?"

BK049569 Today, some political drama addresses the issues surrounding homosexuality. How can some of the practitioners of modern theatre contribute to performing these plays in different countries?

BK049567 "How has the function of stage costumes within theatrical productions become more sophisticated?"

BK049566 "Can the theatrical aspects of Ancient Greek theatre create a meaningful impact upon a modern Western audience?"

BK049557 An investigation into the defining line between modern theatre and modern dance

BK049553 "In what manner does the use of masks differ between Asian and Western Theatre, with specific reference to Kolam Theatre, Noh Theatre, Ancient Greek Theatre and Commedia dell' Arte?"

BK049549 To what extent has political comedy evolved from the ancient Greek theatre to the modern day stage?

BK049545 "Is there a fundamental difference in the way that Western and Eastern theatre treats the supernatural?"

BK049541 With specific reference to three symbols/metaphors, show how these are used to illustrate Pinter's view of the human condition

BK049269 Directorial strategies : notes towards production of Jean-Paul Sartre's Huis Clos

BK047268 To what extent does the work of the Teatro Tascabile develop contemporary aspects of street theatre?

BK047266 "Why is Asian theatre so insistent on the use of masks and makeup"

BK047263 How do Singaporean children's theatrical companies tackle current social issues in a theatrical and effective way?

BK047258 "Does the theatre of Shakespeare differ from Kabuki in its use of male actors to portray women and in what way?"

BK047255 Does method acting create its own style of directing and how successful is it?

BK047248 Lighting and the theatrical experience

BK047247 What is the best and most effective way to treat the holocaust theatrically?

BK047245 Why is Grotowski known to be the most influential Theorist since Stanislavski?

BK047244 Does Kabuki theatre reflect Japanese society now and in the past?

BK047243 How are theatrical techniques and approaches used so as to make Shakespeare's plays a mirror of the political and social climate of the time?

BK047240 Did the imposition of Soviet censorship on Russian drama and theatre stifle or encourage artistic creativity?

BK047236 'How far has the changing performance style of Macbeth affected the meaning of the play since Shakespeare's time?'

BK045071 In what sense does Adolphe Appia reinvent the relationship between light, set and the actor?

BK045070 In light of Singapore's stated aims, is it realistic to expect a fully developed indigenous English language theatre scene in the near future?

BK045069 Can the practices of Western experimental theatre companies be meaningfully compared and contrasted?

BK045068 "To what extent does the American musical capture and reflect its sociological and cultural obsession at the time of composition?"

BK045067 How has contact improvisation benefited both the acting community and therapy?

BK042722 Does Shakespeare still reflect contemporary issues?

BK042599 'To what extent can an actor apply a naturalistic method of acting to a Shakespearean role?'

BK042597 Has Singapore managed to find a unique theatrical voice?

BK042596 Does the Method offer a suitable solution to the problems it sets out to solve?

BK042595 What are the effects and functions of the Punakawan characters within Wayang Kulit?

BK042594 "In the light of current standards, what is the cause of the poor profile of drama in local schools and is there a way to improve it?"

BK042593 Has censorship of theatre in Singapore stifled Singaporeans' creativity?

BK042592 A comparison in Aeschylus' "Agamemnon" of past & present conventions : "How faithful are two modern versions of 'Agamemnon' compared to the original by Aeschylus?"

BK042591 How does Balinese theatre and dance encapsulate aspects of the islands culture?

BK039109 "Discuss the theatrical conventions that have governed the presentation of feminist issues in contemporary western drama with reference to 'Real estate' by Louise Page, 'Trafford Tanzi' by Claire Luckham and 'Vinegar Tom' by Caryl Churchill"

BK039108 Diffrences between traditional western and Asian approaches to theatrical roles

BK039106 What was the aim of Jerzy Grotowski's theatre laboratory, and are his investigations unique or have they been present in some form throughout the history of western theatre?

BK039105 "A new direction to theatre: An examination of the malaise in current theatre, and an investigation into theatre as a unique and endangered art form."

BK039103 The Changing face of Kabuki

BK039101 To what extent and why did the American method come to differ from Stanislavski's system, and how successful is it as a technque for contemporary actors?

BK039099 "What do the styles and conventions of classical japanese theatre tell us about the views & attudes of japanese society towards women"

BK039097 What are the strenghts and limitations of the American 'Method' and how successfully would such training enable an actor to realise the role of Blanche Dubois?

BK036063 Why do certain plays fail as films? What does this reveal about the nature of the theatrical experience (with reference to Equus and M. Butterfly)?

BK036059 Chinese opera in Singapore : on the verge of extinction or rebirth?

BK036019 How effective are the directorial techniques of Charles Marowitz, with particular reference to his work with Shakespeare?

BK035995 2 approaches to theatre: How do Jerzy Grotowski and John Dexter differ or coincide in their approach to actor-training, dramatic theory and performance?

BK035850 "A study of how the development of stage technology affects theatre arts as an art form"

BK034730 "David and Goliath" David Mamet and his views on contemporary American theater

BK034726 An investigation into puppetry as a learning tool.

BK034678 How modern dance challenged the theoretical and aesthetic ideals of ballet, as seen through the works of Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham

BK034676 An investigation into the artistic contribution of the lighting designer to the production of the stage play.

BK034492 An investigation into a directorial relationship with the text, with particular reference to Peter Brook and Charles Marowitz's Interpretations of Shakespeare

BK031396 An investigation into how two specific theatre architectural styles influenced the conception, staging and performance of contemporary dramatic texts.

BK031395 Re-inventing Richard III : exploring the process of interpreting Shakespeare

BK031324 An investigation of tradition, theory and practice of the Noh theatre

BK031260 The efficacy of Javaness wayang as a tool to convey political ideals

BK031254 Avant-garde theatre: its genesis, its nature and its practice

BK031238 How and why did German Expressionism transform Theatre Practice?

BK017843 Directorial strategies - notes towards the production of `The kitchen' by Arnold W

BK017842 Directorial strategies for "Epsom Downs" by Howard Brenton

BK017841 Directorial strategies for "A slight ache" by Harold Pinter

BK015425 Directorial Strategies : Notes towards production of Pinter's The Lover

BK015411 An examination of developements in Brunei and Malaysian traditional theatre forms : are the changes made a genuine attempt to revive tradition or merely e

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