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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 5 months ago

BK056168 "To what extent did the British exit policy plant the seeds of the current ethinc conflict in Sri Lanka?"

BK056166 Has a sustainable peace been established in Sierra Leone?

BK056164 To what extent will the state of unrest persist in Sri Lanka?

BK049668 To what extent is the West Bank Barrier justified?

BK047294 Why did the Bush Administration fail to resolve US/Iraq, 2003, differences peacefully?

BK045042 To what extent have UN resolutions passed on Kashmir aided in resolving the conflict and why have other attempts to cease hostility failed?

BK045040 To what extent is there conflict and peace between Germans and Turkish immigrants in Germany in 2000 and what can be done to improve a peacefully living together?

BK042577 To what extent has Tibet been able to preserve its cultural identity since its annexation to China?


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