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English – Extended Essays -- a mixture of both Language A and Language B -- written between 1989 and 2003


BK047195 To what extent are Ernest Hemingway's heroes affected by World War I in A Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises?

BK047194 How does Margaret Atwood portray the protagonist's real and emotional journeys through use of setting in Cat's Eye?

BK047193 The effects of English as a global language in Korean society

BK047191 Shakespeare crafts the women in his plays King Lear and Macbeth, to engineer the downfall of the protagonist. Discuss.

BK047189 The portrayal of antithetical heroic types in  "Beowulf"  and Lord Byron's  "Childe Harold's pilgrimage"

BK047184 An investigation to find whether the study of one's mother tongue has any influence on the acquisition of a second language.

BK047183 An exploration of how Salinger portrays the complexity of adolescence through the use of first person narrative in his novel  "The catcher in the rye"

BK047181 What literary techniques have been used by Salman Rushdie in  "Midnight's children", and to what effect, that categorizes it into the genre of magical realism?

BK047167 To what extent does Chinua Achebe refute the portrayal of Africa by earlier Western writers in his novel  "Things fall apart"  and thereby create symphathy and understanding for its people?

BK047165 Critical discourse analysis of  "The fall of Saddam"  and  "A day that began with shellfire ended with a once oppressed people walking like giants".

BK047163 How through the use of natural imagery does William Blake project the idea that innocence and experience are not necessarily opposites in his poems 'Songs of innocence and experience?'

BK047161 A comparison of the press coverage in articles of the English tabloid 'The Sun' and the English newspaper 'The Times' on the rescue of Allied prisoners of the Gulf War II.

BK047160 An exporation of techniques through which Jane Austen represents the thoughts and social world in Pride and Prejudice and Emma

BK047159 Based upon the sociological fallout of the book Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie, should authors be given the right to freedom of expression and opinion when dealing with volatile topics such as religion.

BK047158 How metaphors, and similes strengthen and develop the characters, Estha, Rahel and Ammu in the novel "The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy.

BK047157 An exploration of the theme of women's education in George Eliot's Middlemarch and Florence Nightingale's Cassandra.

BK045059 How do 20th Century novels portray their protagonists?  Wilde's "Picture of Dorian Gray" and Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" explored

BK044884 Superficially Kate and Gertrude from Doris Lessing's "The Summer Before the Dark" and D.H.Lawrence's "Sons and Lovers" can be seen as similar.  However Lessing and Lawrence made their motives so different that calling them 'similar characters' se

BK044883 To what extent do the characters of Jane in 'Jane Eyre' and Tess in 'Tess of teh D'Urbervilles' represent the truimph of individuality over social conformity?

BK044882 An exploration of how William Golding's Lord of the Flies and Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad portray mankind through the use of symbols, delineating a chaotic world that could exist without the restrictions of a structured society

BK044881 In what ways does Amis explore issues of contemporary violence in his novels 'London Fields' and 'Money'?

BK044880 Journey and movement in 'Cat's Eye' and 'The Poisonwood Bible' serve as important metaphors for life.  How then, do the authors use journeys and movement to develop self-knowledge?

BK044879 Exploring the themes of identity, self-image and the significance of 'others' in the plays "Death of a Salesman", "The Caretaker" and "No Exit"

BK044878 The role of mythology in conveying the spiritual meaning of the wedding ritual

BK044877 Language, constraint and the search for freedom : an exploration of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl"

BK044876 Sophocles' Oedipus Rex and Rotimi's The Gods are not to blame : An investigation of whether or not the conflict between destiny and free will as raised in Sophocles' work is further emphasized in the African version

BK044875 What is the relationship between Kilgore Trout and the author in the works of Kurt Vonnegut?

BK044874 A study of the presentation of culture through characterization in The Kitchen God's Wife by Amy Tan and An Artist of the floating world by Kazuo Ishiguro

BK044873 An examination of how Oscar Wilde depicts the effects of Aestheticism on morality in the Picture of Dorian Gray

BK044872 An exploration of the values of three female revolutionaries through the author's use of symbols in the novel In the Time of The Butterflies by Julia Alvarez

BK044871 The concept of the self in Martin Amis's money

BK044870 Evaluating the themes of metaphorical and physical imprisonment through the use of langauge and the characters in Sebastian Faulks's birdsong

BK044869 Examine the way John Steinbeck damns the perpetuation of the American dream in "The Grapes of Wrath"

BK044868 How do the authors differ in their approach to criticize war in the novels "Catch 22" and "Birdsong"?

BK044867 An examinationof the simple man, alone against a totalitarian society in Brave New World and Nineteen-Eighty Four 

BK044866 The concept of freewill in "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess and "Nineteen Eighty-four" by George Orwell

BK044865 The castle as a Malevolent character within three gothic texts

BK044864 Noel Barber's manipulation of colonial conventions in Tanamera

BK044863 Explore the ways in which Brian Keenan attempts to give the reader an understanding of his experience in captivity in 'An Evil Cradling'

BK044862 Animal Farm : a study of an allegorical novel

BK044861 How the different motifs in the novel Dreaming in Cuban by Cristina Garcia reflect the characters

BK044860 A critical study of the usage of the travel narrative to portray Peter Matthiessen's angst in "The Snow Leopard"

BK044859 A close study of Pecola Breedlove's self destruction due to racial conflict and social issues presented in The Bluest Eye

BK044858 Christianity, Salvation and Bad Faith : an exploration of Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot

BK044857 What are the functions of Setting, Landscape and Environment in The Grapes of Wrath and The Jungle?

BK044856 How are abusive mothers portrayed through narrative voice and emotive language int he novels Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt and Dave Pelzer's  A Child called "It"?

BK042746 To what extent do the authors Marc Llewellyn and Dervla Murphy use characterization, of individuals, groups and cultures as a method and means of creating a sense of place in their texts 'Riders to the midnight sun' and 'The waiting land'?

BK042743 To what extent do 'Frankenstein' and 'Northanger Abbey' fit into the genre of the Gothic Novel?

BK042741 How did Fredrick and Robert reach their conclusion that they should not be fighting in war?

BK042740 What is revealed about William Wharton's message on the effects of war on men's minds when a Jungian psychoanalytical reading is applied to his novels "A midnight clear" and "Birdy"?

BK042736 To what extent are the female protagonists in "The woman warrior" by Maxine Hong Kingston and "Wild meat and the bully burgers" by Lois-Ann Yamanaka able to find a balance between the differing Asian and American cultures and, thus, ascertain the

BK042735 Why did Labour win the 2001 election in the United Kingdom?

BK042734 A Freudian reading of Arthur Miller's A view from the bridge and Broken glass, examining specifically the playwright's presentation of the male psyche.

BK042731 Is Republic of Korea culturally capable to accept the bilingual policy?

BK042719 An exploration of the Marabar Caves as a central symbol in E.M. Forster's A passage to India

BK042717 How does a Freudian reading of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the looking glass" focusing on the language and Freud's theories, reveal the attraction of the two novels to both adults and children?

BK042712 The destructive nature of female stereotypes as portrayed in the two gothic novels "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley and "The castle of Otranto" by Horace Walpole

BK042709 "What advantages and disadvantages do third culture kids have in comparison with mono-cultural kids?"

BK042707 To what extent do individuals feel that being bilingual has advantaged or disadvantaged them?

BK042703 English as a global language and it's influence on the Japanese culture : Has English as a world language influenced the Japanese language?

BK042701 "Will standard English ever replace "Singlish" as the spoken form of English amongst Chinese youths in Singapore?"

BK042697 A literary exploration into the effects of first person narrative voices in J.D. Salinger's The catcher in the rye and Anthoy Burgess's A clockwork orange

BK042696 How did the attitude of Italian immigrants of the 1920s and 1930s in Western Australia affect their non-integration and their further segregation with the local environment?

BK042694 Do students in immersion schools learn English more effectively than students in state schools?

BK042693 What is the function of setting in "The fall of the house of usher", "Titus Groan" and "The Grotesque"

BK042691 The reason of the geometry in Martin Amis's Other people: A mystery story and London fields

BK042685 "The world in which it (Gothic Literature) did deal was peopled with stock characters who discoursed in predictable ways" : To what extent is this claim accurate in describing some early Gothic novels (1764-1820)?

BK042679 The reasons behind code switching

BK042674 An exploration of how the five major female characters in King Lear and Macbeth have a positive or negative effect on male characters and therefore on societal equilibrium as seen through language and imagery in the plays.

BK042544 To what extent has the English language achieved dominance in the Indian education system?

BK042543 How do the two totalitarian societies in the novels Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four written by Aldous Huxley and Orwell go about achieving stability by crushing individual aspirations?

BK042542 An exploration of the provocation of unease in the works of Edgar Allan Poe and the methods by which this is achieved.

BK042541 In what ways does Miller explore the different responses people have to the conflicting desires for both social and personal fulfillment?

BK042540 "The thrust of change must overcome gravity's oppressive resistance, and the subtle grate of friction, before she can fly." : To what extent does George Eliot's "Middlemarch" reflect the constraint of a wealthy conservative elite upon altruistic

BK042539 An exploration of how Jane Austen presents the theme of love in Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, and how society's concern with status and material gain corrupts marriage, as revealed through character analysis.

BK042538 To what extent is it possible for students in international schools like the United World College of South-East Asia to have any real sense of national identity?

BK039240 To what extent is Chang-Rae Lee's Natiave Speaker based upon F.Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby'?

BK039237 Although feminism advocates the liberatin of femals from the constraints of patriarchal imprisonemnt, inevitably it fails due to the inability of females to abandon stereotypicl roles

BK039234 According to young Singaporeans, will the government's policy towards the use of Singlish succeed?

BK039212 Frederick Dojglass and Harriet Jacobs: a comparison of slave narratives

BK039211 In Justine, the first novel of The Alexandria Quarted by Lawrence Durrell, Justine Hosnani represents the Ultimate Alexandrian woman. Discuss

BK039210 Effects on Singapore English (Singlish) and its government's plan of action to improve Singapore English

BK039208 How far does censorship in Singapore affect the local population?

BK039207 Does the "Singlish" used in Singapore constitute a language, and is it likely to survive?

BK039206 The dominance of British colonialism and its effects have led to a loss of cultural identity in India

BK039204 What makes Macbeth and Oedipus tragic heroes?

BK039173 The role of English education in India's development

BK039169 Language is a tool of imperialism...so what did English do to India?

BK039166 An examination on how Angela Carter reinterprets the feminine through the reconstruction of fairytatles in the bloody chamber

BK039163 An exploration of the taboo relationships in "Lady Chatterley's Lover" by D.H.Lawrence and "Lolita" by Vladmir Nabokov

BK039162 How does John Steinbeck illustrate the importance of the theme of movement through the use of character development, the structure and setting of the novel, The Grapes of Wrath

BK039161 An exploration of the conflicts imposed by colonialism upon the search for personal identity in Tsitsi Dangarembga's "Nervos Conditions"

BK039160 Why and how did English become an official language in Singapore?

BK039159 Culturally produced shame: social distortion of self-esteem

BK039158 Disney movies reflect the changes in America society

BK039157 Is it possible to be a perfect balanced bilingual?

BK039156 An analysis of the tradition of arranged marriages

BK039121 "They can't get inside you. If you feel that staying human is worth while, even when it can't have any result whatever, you've beaten them." : an exploration of the creation of rebels in Nineteen eighty-four and The handmaid's tale and their mann

BK039120 Changes made by the Anc in South Africa politically, economically and constitutionally

BK039119 'The fall of man in Milton's Paradise lost and Marlowe's Doctor Faustus'

BK039118 A psychoanalytical study of the "ideal" Victorian woman as depicted by Mrs. Ramsay in Virginia Woolf's to the Lighthouse.

BK039117 To what extent, was Jim Morrison just another vague and sporadic rebel of the 1970's?

BK039114 How do Frost and Coleridge employ and explore man's relationship to nature in their poetry?

BK039112 "A literary representation of the moral corruption in government institutions with reference to Kafka and Coetzee"

BK039110 What are the after-effects of the Vietnam War on the Vietnamese and the returning GIs as seen in the works of Robert Olen Butler?

BK039107 What has been the impact of legislative reforms on the Australian Aboriginal community?

BK039104 A contemporary existentialist : a comparison between John Lanchester's recent novel, Mr. Phillips, and Franz Kafka's book, The trial, comparing the themes and axioms embraced by the existentialist genre of thought and the differences between the

BK039102 A study of mixed marriages in "Snow falling on cedar" by David Guterson and "Jasmine" by Bharati Mukherjee

BK039100 The bilingual society of Mauritius : causes and consequences

BK039000 "Christina Rossetti was never considered an official member of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood but her work has been acknowledge to possess the ideals and principles of the Pre-Raphaelites. Explore the ways in which the Pre-Raphaelite ideals, them

BK038998 An in-depth look into the narration technique of Toni Morrison incorporated in her novel Beloved.

BK038995 Literary Jazz : an investigation of Jack Kerouac's On the road

BK038991 "The serious nature of triviality in the social world of Oscar Wilde" : an exploration of the dramatic use of the dandy in providing insight into the social world inhabited by the characters in Oscar Wilde's fictional works.

BK038988 Describing the Indescribable : Holocaust of world war II

BK038937 The society and the drama : a comparative study of Anton Chekhov and Bernard Shaw

BK036072 What effect do oppressive totalitarian regimes of government have on the individual in society and how is this revealed through setting, character development and imagery in the novels 1984 by George Orwell and One day in the life of Ivan Denisov

BK036065 In what way does Emily Bronte use setting to explore the conflict between self expression and self restraint in Wuthering Heights?

BK036064 Is the increasing western influence and the decreasing use of Malay damaging Malay traditions?

BK036043 As J.R.R. Tolkien grew up surrounded by beautiful nature he drew his experiences profoundly into his work. This coupled with his love of languages gave a mystical and fantastical element of nature, especially in the form of tree to his work. This

BK036042 What are the aftereffects of the Vietnam War on the conscience and the sense of community of Vietnamese veterans as seen as in the works of Robert Olen Butler and Lan Cao?

BK036038 The process of self-discovery in two texts 'Restoration' by Rose Tremain and 'Regeneration' by Pat Barker

BK036028 Is Singapore an Asian country or a western country?

BK036027 The impact of the two world wars on women's rights in Britain in the twentieth century

BK036026 Why is English the national language in Nigeria?

BK036017 How is tension and tone created in typical Gothic texts?

BK035993 The existence of small firms in oligopolistic markets: case studies in Singapore.

BK035991 Effectiveness of teaching English in Korea

BK035989 Did Martin Luther King achieve his dreams and if he did, to what extent?

BK035988 An analysis of the satirical nature of the magic realism employed in "shame" by Salman Rushdie and "one hundred years of solitue" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

BK035986 An exploration, focusing on Macbeth, of the effect of the co-existence of traditional tragic structure and pertinent human psychology in Shakespeare's tragedies

BK035984 A study of the theme of existentialism as portrayed by the novels 'A clockwork orange' by Anthony Burgess and Albert Camus 'The Outsider'

BK035982 To what extent does the "pay hobby stories" reflect the last few years of Francis Scott Fitzgerald's life?

BK035978 An exploration of weak patriarchal figures in Jane Austen's Persuasion and Emma, and their effect on their daughters; an effect which seems to question patriarchal authority.

BK035976 The chinese women in Amy Tan's novel: The kitchen God's wife are entrapped as a result of their society and it's traditions

BK035974 An examination of the relative validity of deeper themes in Alice in Wonderland

BK035972 How is Mary Barton and unconventional heroine?

BK035965 In what ways did the novel 'On the Road' by Jack Kerouac define the notion of 'Beat' writing

BK035964 A literal and metaphorical study of one man's obsession with a White Whale, and how their relationship is symbolized.

BK035963 "Does the discourse of Internet Relay Chat (IRC) represent a hybrid of spoken and written discours?"

BK035957 An exploration of the use of imagery and motifs by Thomas Hardy in 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles' and Margaret Atwood in 'The Handmaid's Tale' to demonstrate the corruption of patriarchal society,and its effect upon women.

BK035939 The myth of heroism

BK035938 To what extent does being away from society effects a person's sense of civilization

BK035936 Sylvia Plath : a study of how she reshapes elements from her own life in her novel "The bell jar"

BK035934 Amy tan's women- the analysis of two generations of heroines.

BK035931 An exploration of Morrison's ue of graphic imagery and langauge in 'Beloved' and how this portrays the crippling effects of slavery on the main protagonist.

BK035930 An exploration of the use of Singlish in Singapore and its representation in popular TV programs

BK035923 An exploration of Tennessee Williams' and Edward Albee's portrayal of illusions and reality in "A streetcar named desire" and "Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

BK035920 English as a global language : will the spread of English cause death to the mother tongue in Swaziland?

BK035917 How are women in Jane Austen's Emma limited in their possibilities and how do they fare in the spheres of wealth status, and marriage?

BK035914 A comparison between the character of Atticus Finch in To kill a mockingbird and Martin Luther King Jr. What similarities do they share in their struggle for American civil rights?

BK035911 "An analytical study of the altering roles of the poet during the First World War as seen through the changing themes of their poetry." : Examining the poems "The soldier", by Rupert Brooke, "Two sonnets", by Charles Hamilton Sorley, "Break of da

BK035910 An exploration of how culture, time period, and gender will affect war literature. As portrayed in a novel Paradise of the blind by Duong Thu Huong, and two short stories One of the missing and One kind of officer by Ambrose Bierce.

BK035908 Role play and the transition into love between Frederic Henry and Catherine Barkley : An essay analyzing the extent to which Frederic and Catherine use role play to return order to their lives and when their relationship transitions from role pla

BK035906 How different newspapers report the 1999 Indonesian election?

BK035903 To what extent does "The tortilla curtain" by T. Coraghessan Boyle truly represent the problems of Hispanic immigrants to the USA in the 1990's?

BK035895 Existence is a continuous struggle to make sense of one's position in a world that is incomprehensible : An analysis of the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are dead by Tom Stoppard and the novel The trial by Franz Kafka

BK035889 How has the Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS) been affected by the government's ban on the use of dialect?

BK035885 An exploration of how George Orwell in Nineteen Eighty-Four and Niccolo Machiavelli in The prince attempt to influence political power through literature

BK035884 The struggle of black American heroines against white supremacy's definition of beauty - triumphant or tragic? : An exploration of the theme and effects of 'white beauty' upon black American women in The color purple by Alice Walker and The blues

BK035883 Why has English become an official language in Singapore?

BK035881 The inevitability of the character's downfall given the nineteenth century society presented in the texts, "Mill on the floss" by George Elliot, and "Jude the obscure", by Thomas Hardy

BK035879 A comparison of two presentations of alienation in "Frankenstein" by Mary Shelley and "The shipping news" by E. Annie Proulx

BK035875 Influence of American society on Norwegian culture and language after the mass migration from Europe in the mid 19th century

BK035871 The Singaporean government's English language policy and the extent of its success

BK035870 Examine the ways in which Ted Hughes explores the themes of power and control in his portrayal of the relationship between the human and natural worlds

BK035862 Compare the disillusionment experienced by the protagonists of Ernest Hemingway's "A farewell to arms" and Robert Graves' "Good-bye to all that"

BK035859 Singapore as a democracy: does it meet or fall short of the standards of a true democratic state?

BK035854 Theme of self-justification of past events in the works of Kazuo Ishiguro : "How and why do Kazuo Ishiguro's characters deal with unpalatable past?"

BK035852 Can politically correct language be manipulated for ironic purposes?

BK035849 An exploration of the stylistic and literary techniques employed by Toni Morrison in order to portray racial prejudice and its effects in The Bluest Eye

BK035844 "Linguistic and educational impediments to the learning of English amongst speakers of Korean"

BK035838 "A study of the influence of social expectations in the lives of the female characters in 'Emma' and 'Sense and sensibility' by Jane Austen"

BK034539 An exploration of the perception of beauty and truth in the works of John Keats & Percy Bysshe

BK034538 Singapore English is a variety of English in it's own right

BK034537 Comparison between the three main heroes in the play Julius Caesar

BK034536 Robert Frost - "Unofficial poet Laureate or farmer in poet's clothing"

BK034535 Students at international schools inevitably learn EFL

BK034534 Villain and victim

BK034533 The suppression of emotions as portrayed in the novels Brave New World by Aldous Huxley and gulliver's Travels: A voyage to the country of the Houyhnhnms, by Jonathan Swift

BK034532 What is the role of children in Dickens' Victorian society?

BK034531 Singapore teenage culture has been greatly influenced by American culture

BK034530 To what extent have the mix of factual, fictional and metafictional characters contributed to the plot...

BK034529 America as a melting pot - can immigrants become true Americans?

BK034528 How, and to what extent, do the castles and weather fulfil the purpose of setting in three Gothic texts?

BK034527 The relevance of 'snow falling on cedars'

BK034526 An exploration of 'Nature' in 'Kubla Khan', 'Frost at midnight' and 'This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison's by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

BK034524 Youths have often been attracted to gangs

BK034523 An examination of Mochtar Lubis and Christopher Koch's portrayal of Jakarta as a highly stratified society and its subsequent injustice and inequities

BK034522 An exploration of the form, function, execution and effect of the illusions in Edward Albee's Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and Tennessee Williams's A Streetcar Named Desire.

BK034521 The dark side to Roddy Doyle

BK034520 The influence of Freud in D.H.Lawrence's novels...

BK034518 The influence of the Singapore Government's policy on the development of Singapore English (Singlish)

BK034512 To what extent does nature, love and beauty dominate the poetry of Byron and Yeats

BK034501 "Above all I am not concerned with the poetry. My subject is war, and the pity of war. The poetry is in the pity" how true do you find this statement of Owen's, discuss with the reference to the poetry of Wilfred Owen and Siefried Sassoon.

BK034500 "Inhibiting factors which have contributed to Japan's current lack of linguistic and cultural competence in english"

BK034497 Edgar Allan Poe's longing for love and beauty

BK034496 Development of the English language in Swaziland

BK034494 The changing of advertisements since the 1970's

BK034493 Research question-television has an adverse effect on the children in the USA

BK034490 An investigation into the status of Singlish as viewed by Singaporean

BK034489 Analysis of journalism in Britain with specific reference to the royal family crisis

BK034486 Does Singlish show deviations from the British dialect...

BK034478 In what ways do "The handmaid's tale" by Margaret Atwood and "Metamorphosis" by Frank Kafka explore the psychology of imprisonment and the wide theme of alienation fron society.

BK034477 "Sylvia Plath and the examination of the self."

BK034476 How do the women in "The joy luck club" realize and define themselves?

BK034475 How are contemporary relationship corrupted by a lack of communication and fear of facing reality?

BK034474 'Heroism & rebellion. A study of the importance of Winston on Orwell's 1984'

BK034473 How dialogue create characters in different settings and periods, in the text "Pride and prejudice" by Jane Austen, "Sons and lovers" by D. H. Lawrence and "Angela's ashes" by Frank McCourt."

BK034472 "To what extent am i bilingual?"

BK034471 The effects of realism and romance in Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights

BK034470 "To what extent has the Australian goverment accepted the needs for equal rights of aborigines?"

BK034469 'Hungry hearts' by Anzia Yezierska - a window to the experience of the East-European Jewish immigrants to America

BK034468 The role of society in the individual's ability to attain success with reference to 'Jude the obscure' and 'Emma'

BK034467 "The language of sports reporting- describe and try to explain the differences within it"

BK034465 The advantages and disadvantages of bilingual children's language acquisition and development

BK034463 A comparison of the images used and themes conveyed in the Vietnam war novels: 'Dispatches', by Michael Herr and 'The sorrow of war', by Bao Ninh

BK034457 The effect of the Singaporean government's English language policy on a multicultural society

BK034455 The effects of bilingualism on the usage of the English language

BK034454 Singlish should be kept as a language in its own right

BK034451 Reasons for changing methods for English teaching in Singapore

BK034447 The relationship between standard English and Singapore English: how is Singapore English different from standard English and how is it used in Singaporean's daily life?

BK034446 Investigation on whether one who simply understands a secon language can be considered to be a bilingual

BK034445 Singapore English and its social acceptability

BK034444 The importance of language ina dvertising propaganda

BK034443 How English became a world language

BK034442 Investigation on true bilingualism

BK034441 The social effects of unemployment on those above the age of 40 and the women in Britain in the 1980's

BK034440 Female imprisonment in the poetry of Sylvia Plath

BK034439 A comparison of visions of societies of the future in the novels : Brave New World and 1984

BK034414 Gothic conventions in Bram Stoker's Dracula and in Patrick Suskind's Perfume.

BK034412 The relationship between the natural world and the heroines of Hardy's "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" and Fontane's "Effi Briest".

BK034411 The role of fate in selected works of Thomas Hardy

BK034410 The emotional content in novels written by Afro-American women

BK034408 'A study of the effect of mothers' lives and personalities on their daughters' lives and the resulting relationship shared between them in "Pride and prejudice" and "Oranges are not the only fruit"'

BK034407 Shame : the reading of an allegory

BK034405 "An enquiry into the learning of english as a foreign language with specific reference to state schooling in Japan."

BK034404 Study of the African culture as reflected in the language used in Rap music

BK034403 The use of language in advertising

BK034402 How does the Malaysian government english language policy affect the malaysia society?

BK034401 A comparison between the women protagonists in 'Jane Eyre' - Charlotte Bronte, 'Wuthering Heights' - Emily Bronte & 'Sense & sensibility' - Jane Austin under the themes of strenght, pride and passion.

BK034400 Bilinguakism : an investigation of the interference between first & second language(Is there any interference on the second language when you have already known a first language?)

BK034398 The use of seasons and landscape to indicate the cyclical sequence of events within the texts "Cold comfort farm", "one flew over the cuckoo's nest", and "Sir Gawain and the green knight"

BK034397 What makes a good language learner?

BK034396 What are the socio-cultural effects of language laws in the United States of America?

BK034395 Influence of the British on Indian life and culture

BK034394 The use of language and social class as it is portrayed in George Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion".

BK034393 The role of setting in Edgar Allan Poe's short stories.

BK034391 The presentation of the female psyche in Doris Lessing's Memoirs of a survivor, Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's tale and Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway

BK034390 A study of class and gender issues in D. H. Lawrence's 'Odour of chrysanthemums', 'Daughters of the Vicar' and 'Fanny and Annie'

BK034389 "A tracing of the development of William Wordsworth's poetry."

BK034388 *Heroism in Jane Austen's "Pride and prejudice"*

BK034387 Power and sexuality in Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's tale"

BK034386 The aspects of serving and its consequences in Kazuo Ishiguro's novel "The Remains of the day"

BK031384 As a result ot the struggle between personal freedom and the strict moral and social boundaries depicted in Ethan Frome and the Age of Innocence, the deprivation of true love occurs, thus supporting Wharton's belief that in reality, complete happ

BK031383 How the "language", both written and visually, of cigarette advertisements has developed through the years to reveal changing attitudes towards smoking.

BK031381 The language in media on AIDS

BK031301 Sylvia Plath uses confessional writing to explore the human 'self'

BK031299 World War I poetry : the compulsion of expression

BK031298 The power of advertising : the exploitation of advertising on people's weaknesses and fears

BK031297 The symbolic and functional use of pearl in The Scarlet Letter

BK031296 To what extent does the Labour victory in the May 1997 General Election reflect changes in political attitudes in British society?

BK031295 The portrayal of the role of women in the novels Emma by Jane Austen and Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence

BK031282 A close study of Shakespear's continuous development of Mark Antony in Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra

BK031139 The effect of government English language policy and effects on diglossia in Singapore

BK031136 "An exploration of the main female characters in the novels 'Love' by Angela Carter and 'The life and loves of a she devil' by Fay Weldon."

BK031132 The effect of colonialism on African tribal society in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart and Alan Paton's Cry, the Beloved Country

BK031131 The consequences of the growth of the internet on censorship in Singapore

BK031130 Are Shakespearean tragic heroes victims of their own personalities?

BK031129 The language of women : ideas that have influenced feminism

BK031126 To what extent has the dominance of the English language affected the culture, traditions and beliefs of Indians

BK031124 Language in advertising : what makes an advertisement an effective advertisement?

BK031116 The fusion of art and poetry : the visual nature of the language in the poetry of William Blake and Isaac Rosenberg

BK031114 The nature of bilingualism : Is perfect bilingualism possible, and what exactly is bilingualism?

BK031113 Political satire in Salman Rushdie's Shame

BK031112 An analysis of the expatriate attitude towards their host culture

BK031111 An investigation of "the advantages and disadvantages of bilingualism and biculturalism in today's modern society"

BK031108 To what extent does the position of women in Elizabethan society contribute to the tragic outcome of the plays Romeo and Juliet and Othello by William Shakespeare?

BK030972 "How have the people in the South Wales valleys been affected by the closure of the mining industry."

BK030971 Imprisonment of women by the rigidity of society, and the struggle to escape the limitations of its conventions : Henry James' The Age of Innocence and Edith Wharton's The Portrait of a Lady pursue similar themes, emphasised throughout the novels

BK030968 Alcohol abuse and its effects on young people in United States

BK030967 "Is present-day New Orleans a combined product of the influences of the main immigrant groups?"

BK030959 "To what extent do Jane Austen's heroines conform to the expected role of women in their society?"

BK030958 "What is the future of English?"

BK030951 Bilingualism : being brought up as a bilingual

BK030949 Tabloid or broadsheet? Why readers choose one type over another

BK030947 "Community, Identity, Stability" - What do these three words mean in "Brave New World" and today's society? Would these ideas benefit humanity?

BK030943 An assessment of the effect of utopias like Brave New World from Aldous Huxley and 'futuristic' cautionary works such as 1984 from George Orwell on today's readers by means of a comparison of the future as it seems to be evolving to meet the pred

BK030941 An exploration of the sexual pressure placed on women and the extent to which this theme influences their writing

BK030940 Investigation into the way English is used in Kuching, Malaysia

BK030939 An analysis of two of Quentin Tarantino's screenplays

BK030938 The portrayal of adolescence in the book The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger : "People never notice anything." Holden Caulfield in The Catcher in the Rye

BK030937 Analysis of "Prometheus Unbound" by Percy Bysshe Shelley

BK030936 How are the themes of growing up and self discovery developed in the Australian novels Maestro by Peter Goldsworthy and My Place by Sally Morgan?

BK030935 The dominance of English, on the Internet

BK021443 The author J.D.Salinger demonstrates the dangers of extremes and the need for a ba

BK021442 English : The development of the main characters in the novels Under the frog by T

BK021441 The function and importance of nature in "On the black hill" by Bruce Chatwin

BK021440 "What effects does bilingualism have on the Japanese students in United World Coll

BK021439 A comparison of the language used in articles about the Yugoslavian conflict

BK021438 Capitalising on the brain drain from other countries - U.S.A .'s greatest achieveme

BK021436 "What are the journeys described in Joseph Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" and how re

BK021435 Language, thought and control : Newspeak in Orwell's Nineteen eighty-four

BK021433 The heroine on the other side of the looking-glass : Jean Rhys's contemporisation

BK021432 Patrick White - The Journey of the self

BK019753 Ritual and tradition: exploring the interaction between the characters and environ

BK019752 The presentation of victimization in William Burroughs' The Naked Lunch and Hubert

BK019751 The treatment of poverty in George Orwell's Down and out in Paris and London and L

BK019750 Female perception of the male

BK019749 Northanger Abbey and Pride and Prejudice as novels of humour and passion

BK019748 The conflict between freedom and the ritual of tradition : in what ways does Mervy

BK019747 Women as victims of their sexuality

BK019746 A journey of the mind

BK019745 I belonged on the side of the victims, not of the torturers - Graham Greene. Discu

BK019744 A comparison between: the British and the Singaporean work ethics as reflected in

BK019743 An exploration of Victorian and post-Victorian english ideas of class and male-fem

BK019742 Revolutionary aspects of Steinbeck's writing in the 1930's

BK019741 The purpose and use of parable in the text "Oranges are not the only fruit", by Je

BK019740 Culture, politics and background in the "Sweeney Redivivus". Poems of Seamus Heane

BK019739 The attitudes towards colonialism in J.G. Farrell's "The Singapore Grip" and Georg

BK019738 "Nothing's normal, right?" : an examination of the way in which the stories of Richard Ford call in

BK019737 Characteristic of 19th century English society as illustrated by Oscar Wilde in hi

BK019736 Conformity and rebellion in the novels of Aldous Huxley

BK019719 The space between the narrative and reality

BK019718 The theme of 'Rugged individualism' and the conflict of the human spirit versus so

BK019717 A consideration of the similarities in structure between Joseph Heller's Catch-22

BK019716 The consequences of British imperialism on relationships in the novels 'A Passage

BK017749 Compare the conditions of the working class in Britain in the middle of the ninete

BK017745 John Fowles as dialectic existentialist

BK017743 Woman to man/Is either a god or a wolf : a feminist interpretation of the characte

BK017742 The extent to which Shakespeare allows that lives are controlled by the supernatur : a study of magic and the supernatural in a Midsummer nights's dream, M

BK017740 How do Winterson, McEwan and Green convey the nature of mental illness in the text

BK017739 The beautiful world of women as represented in Conrad's "Heart of darkness"

BK017738 The importance of architectural design and natural setting in three novels of the

BK017737 A discussion of how societal models disintegrate in "the memoirs of a survivor"

BK017735 Aspects of restraint in George Orwell's life and early writing

BK017734 Salinger's 'children' : Intermediaries in the conflict between spirituality and ma

BK017731 Racism and cultural interaction in novels which focus on colonial settings

BK017724 An evaluation of the development of Siegfreid Sassoon's anti-war sentiment

BK017723 The importance of language in eurythmy for the development of the handicapped chil

BK016900 Greek tragic heroines Antigone and Electra

BK016899 Are George Orwell's novels more literary than political?

BK016871 Women in the major novels of D. H. Lawrence

BK016868 How experiences shaped Orwell's writing

BK016863 Golding's portrayal of the complexity of good and evil

BK016859 The individual and the establishment: a twentieth century view, with particualr re

BK016856 Shaw's female characters are often stronger than his males

BK016852 The search for understanding through isolation : a study of voss and heart of darkness

BK016845 How society influences the lifestyles and relationships with men of the female cha

BK016844 Wilfred Owen's use of nature in his poetry

BK016842 The theme of fear in the works of Ray Bradbury

BK016838 The death of tragedy in drama : a plausible argument?

BK016759 Two short stories

BK016758 New directions in "Persuasion"

BK016757 Leaving home - The reaction against Irish values in James Joyce and Edna O'Brien

BK016756 Singaporean writers in English - A critical appraisal of the poetry of Edwin Thumb

BK016744 Aboriginal literature in English

BK016728 The mysticism of William Blake as presented in his writings

BK016691 The novels of Edna O'Brien

BK016690 A critical analysis of Lucky's monologue in `Waiting for Godot'

BK016689 "Shattered dreams" : A modern drama

BK016688 A short story

BK016687 Structure and form of "A dream play" by August Strindberg

BK016686 The drama of T.S.Eliot - A study of the effect of his poetic drama

BK016685 The significance of the title of Patrick White's "Riders in the chariot"

BK016684 Nora as a mother and wife from Helmer's point of view (from "A doll's house by Ibs

BK016676 "Spaghetti and beer"

BK016674 Robert Frost : An introduction

BK016651 Post war Australian drama

BK016636 The Manawaka novels of Margaret Laurence

BK016629 Every man's guide to good housekeeping

BK016626 W.B. Yeats and the effect of his poetry on the 1916 Easter rising in Ireland

BK016625 Awareness and being - Virginia Woolf's 'Mrs Dalloway'

BK016624 Creative poetry : the melting of a plastic person

BK016623 Ieyasu Tokugawa, his life, aims and ideas

BK016622 A character analysis in the Great Gatsby

BK016621 The impotent artist : a study of the mountain and the valley by Ernest Buckler

BK016620 Two aspects of Catholicism in Graham Greene's "Trilogy"

BK016618 D H Lawrence exploration of family relationships

BK016617 "What are the thematic similarities in `We', `Brave new world' and `Nineteen eight

BK016613 `A perverted view of life? A study of Ian McEwan's work'

BK016612 "To what extent is Othello a tragic hero"

BK016611 Graham Greene's use of the conventional hero

BK016608 The theme of guilt in "All my sons"

BK016607 The saga of megaman and the nature of the short story

BK016606 "A goodly apple rotten at the heart" - "Seeming truth" in `The merchant of Venice'

BK016605 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles' : An illustration of Hardy's perspective of determinism and free-will

BK016602 A perfection of Australians in the 1890s as seen through the works of Henry Lawson

BK016601 No traveller returns

BK016600 Austen's attitude towards convential behaviour as illustrated by her portrayal of

BK016467 Analysis of the book " Rice bowl" : how Asian culture has affected the author's perception in writing this

BK016466 "Light and dark in Macbeth"

BK016465 An exploration of two contemporary novels : - William Boyd's "Brazzaville beach" a

BK016464 An investigation into the use of Shakespeare's sources with particular reference t

BK016463 A discussion of two female characters in Shakespeare's `A midsummer night's dream'

BK016462 Edgar Allan Poe : Eliciting the human response : a study of "The fall of the House fo Usher", "The Masque of the red de

BK016461 L'homme Absurde - Surviving in an absurd world : an analysis of Vladimir and Estragon from `Waiting for Godot' and Davi

BK016460 "An exploration of Indian Patriarchy and decline in R.K .Narayan's `Vendor of sweet

BK016454 A discussion of the roles of heroines in "Jane Eyre" and Northanger Abbey"

BK016450 Thomas Hardy and the nation state : A study of Tess of the d'Urbervilles" to subst

BK016447 A discussion on Shakespeare's tragic heroes with reference to `Macbeth' and `King

BK016443 Apartheid in literature : A perspective on white South African novelists

BK016438 How much freedom can society tolerate? Investigations in the modern novel

BK016433 Approaches to sexuality : Tess of the D'Urbervilles and Jane Eyre

BK016408 An examination of 'Christine' by Stephen King and 'The castle of Ontranto'......

BK016404 Children and the child's view point in 4 works of modern fiction

BK016399 How Thomas Hardy depicts women in society in two of his major novels, 'Jude the ob

BK016382 Constructing reality : The role of the narrator in "Under the Western eyes"

BK016376 An analytical character study of two characters from the play "Julius Caesar"

BK016375 The true identity of patriotism and propaganda according to Erich Maria Remarque,

BK016371 A study of contemporary possiblities and classical means of staging four scences i

BK016370 The dramatic use of music and lyrics in theatre of Sophocles Shakespeare adn Brech

BK016366 Who would seem to have especially contributed to the formulation of Wordsworth's p

BK016365 An exploration into the central tensions of the work of Wordsworth and Coleridge

BK016364 The fertility myth in T.S. Eliot's The Waste land (specifically in part I : 'The b

BK016360 Control through propaganda and the media in 1984 and Fahrenheit 451

BK016359 Existentialism in literature through a study of two philosophical treatises by Alb

BK016358 A study and analysis of the short story 'Anima'

BK016354 The experience of apartheid through the eyes of those involved

BK016353 The representation of Maori culture in New Zealand literature with special referen

BK016352 A comparison of King Lear and Hamlet

BK016333 An assessment of Chaucer's influence on John Lydgate, through a detailed compariso

BK016332 The education of the audience into a new understanding of self

BK016319 An exploration of some of fthe motivating ideas behind the poetry of Wordsworth an

BK016309 The degradation of the American dream as seen in "Grapes of wrath" (John Steinbeck

BK016303 The machiavellian figure in Macbeth and Richard III

BK015525 Evaluation of Steven Berkoff's work as an author looking at the plays "West", "Lun

BK015521 A depiction of colonization, its ideology and dynamics in two comtemporary English

BK015516 A Freudian analysis of Heathcliff in "Wuthering heights" by Emily Bronte

BK015511 How are Shakespearean women, as seen through Kate and Isabella in "The Taming of t

BK015500 Are Emma Bovary in Gustave Flaubert's `Madame Bovary' and Tess in Thomas Hardy's `

BK015488 Perspectives in Maori prose writing since 1973 : A personal exploration

BK015449 A comparison of morality between the "Mahabharata" and "King Lear"

BK015448 "The role of the supernatural in literature"

BK015447 A comparison of Sylvia path's "The bell jar" and Christopher Nolan's "Under the ey

BK015446 An analysis of the themes and techniques of a selection of Christian Rosetti's poe

BK015445 A modern poet and his poetry - A study of Craig Raine

BK015444 The cultural significance and function of fairy stories : A comparison between pre

BK015443 Dylan Thomas and his poetic ark

BK015442 A comparison of the treatment of control, in '1984', 'Cancer ward', and 'One day i

BK015441 a comparison of "The life and loves of a She Devil" by Fay Weldon and "Moon Tiger"

BK015440 The manner in which "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare, has been interprete 




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